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Post High School Special Education Transition Program: Park City Learning Center

The PHST Program at the PCLC, is a Community Based Transition Program is designed to “teach work” to special education students, ages 18-22, and to support their growth into adulthood. Program activities take place 80%+ in the community, at work sites and multiple community locations. The main goal is to help students acquire the skills, in real life settings, to secure employment, navigate the community, participate in leisure skills, and participate in ongoing learning opportunities after they leave the public school system. Transportation, daily living, academic, health/ leisure skills, and domestic skills that are an integral part of working and the adult world are also emphasized.

Students in the Post High School program learn to ride public transportation, practice and learn employability skills, budget earnings, behave appropriately in public, follow directions, meal plan, shop, maintain fitness, participate in community activities and more. The school helps students and families plan for the future by providing and working with multiple, outside agencies and family resources. Students are no longer in the inclusive setting of a high school, they are now in a “real life” setting based out in the community and in the world of which they will be living.

At this time, Transition IEP’s are designed to specifically meet the needs of the students and highlight the change in programming. A change of placement may be necessary as part of the IEP. Post High School Transition IEP’s are the foundation for the young adult’s future and the future of their families.

Transition assessment is a key component of the Post High School Special Education Transition Program. Please click the following link for more information post high school transition

In order to provide transition specific information and support for students, families and fellow professionals, I have created a resource manual focusing on the transition process for young adults with disabilities ages 18 and older. I hope you find the information useful. Feel free to copy and share and of the information. If you have any other information you would like to share, please do so! E-mail me and I will add the information that you share. Transition is a process, and information is constantly changing.

The manual I created for the Transition College is entitled: “ Park City Learning Center Post High School Special Education Transition Resource and Family Guide.” The manual contains information related to ongoing transition resources and programs, and funding; as well as specific information related to the Park City School District Transition Services.

Click here for the Park City Learning Center Post High School Special Education Transition Resource and Family Guide

Click here for summer resources.

I have had many questions from parnts concerning products to help "track or identify" the location of their child, or young adult with disabilities.
Please refer to the following article for more specific information. There is a lot of information if you click on the links throughout the article.

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